Sustainable Chemistry and Quantum Technologies


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This project was granted by the ANR in 2019. The objective of the project is the specific design and the synthesis of organometallic complexes of lanthanides that possess slow magnetic relaxation properties with high blocking temperature. The use of the typical ligands used in organometallic chemistry is proposed herein (Cp), (Cot). The use of the cyclononatetraenyl (Cnt) ligand, a large mono-anionic Huckël-aromatic ligand is also proposed: it will lead to unique geometric features in both divalent and trivalent lanthanide chemistry.

The investigation of the unusual electronic structure of coordination compounds and organometallics is a topic of great interest for us. We use X-ray studies, magnetism, EPR, NMR, optical spectroscopy and theoretical analyses with the objective to develop molecules with potential application in quantum technologies

Single Molecules Magnets (RelaxMax)

Quantum Bits and Long Relaxation Organometallics