Sustainable Chemistry and Quantum Technologies


Group Agenda

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Ph.D. scholarships:

We will look for several highly motivated students in 2024. Please get in touch with us!
We have 4 Ph.D. positions open

- Organometallic chemistry of f elements (uranium and lanthanides)
- Uranium chemistry for photo-catalysis
- Innovative Molecules and materials for the direct capture of atmospheric CO2 (DAC)
- Upgrading of CO and CO2 into Value-Added Products by Low-Valent Lanthanide Complexes

Post-doc position:

- Soon to come position in electrochemistry of palladium

Master and undergraduate students:

Master and undergraduate students are welcome to apply any time of the year !! In France, a small salary (around 600 euros/month) is provided for any student that we will consider for joining the group.

Please send us a CV and a motivation letter with a research statement.